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Fraser Allan

2017 MSc Applied Health Research (University of York) 2012 BSc Acupuncture (University of Central Lancashire) Skills: Proofreading, Tutoring in conversational English, Research Design/writing/editing, IT, Administrative support, Training/competence in basic observations (BP, oxygen sats, heart rate, temp), CPR, use of a defibrillator
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  • Clinical training and experience in acupuncture diagnosis and treatment
  • Community and hospital-based healthcare experience
  • Masters’ level research skills training

I am friendly and easy to talk to, and people I talk to say I am a good listener.  In 2022, I met Isabel and David, founders of Esfera Mataró, and in 2023 have been participating in practical sessions at Esfera, to refresh my skills and knowledge in acupuncture.     I consider understanding, diagnosing and treating digestive (including haemorrhoids) and constitutional issues, and promoting good sleep hygiene to be my strengths / areas of special interest within Chinese Medicine.  I am very pleased, honoured and grateful to be joining the team of practitioners based at Esfera.

I was born at the very end of the 1960´s, near Vancouver, Canada.   After childhood, young adulthood, and a time of personal growth, I had the good fortune to encounter acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, which I feel contributed (and still contributes) to my own personal efforts to maintain good mental and physical health. 

My career

Since moving to Europe in the year 2000, my work experience/strength/familiarity has been in working in various roles in healthcare, while co-parented two loving beings, mostly in Scotland and Catalunya. 

My formal acupuncture studies started in 2009, at the Northern College of Acupuncture in York, and in 2012 I graduated from that university-accredited college with a BSc and approximately 400 hours of college clinic experience.

In the winter of 2013-14, I coordinated a volunteer acupuncture project for some eight of the many service users of a residential facility in Catalunya.  It was my pleasure to finally bring my training to people with disabilities that I’d worked with for so long.   It is my sincere wish that people who depend on institutions for their day to day needs are able to logistically and financially access the help/benefit of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine if they so wish. 

In 2016-17 I completed a Masters’ of Science Applied Health Research degree at the University of York (England), and soon after, had a brief version of my dissertation (acupuncture related research) published in a peer-reviewed journal, the European Journal of Integrative Medicine.*

Like many, my family situation has gone through great transition in recent years, due to a few factors.   Through times of Covid, I have supported people in the NHS in both England and Scotland, both hospital and community-based.  In 2023, after many years of awaiting permission and favourable circumstances, I have returned to live and work in Catalunya, in Mataró.

     I look forward to meeting and treating you!

* Allan FK, Peckham E, Liu J, Dietz KC, Zhang T, Arakaki A, MacPherson H (2018).  Acupuncture for anxiety in dental patients: Systematic review and meta-analysis. European Journal of Integrative Medicine, 20, 22-35.

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